Advanced quality management
With our upcoming ISO 9001 certification, we are implementing the most modern quality control and systems management practices to curtail our ecological impact by minimizing waste and unusable by-products that must be disposed.

Net positive fragrance design
At AFR, we carefully manage our environmental footprint so that every product is safe to consumers and sustainable to the environment. We create fragrances using sustainable natural materials to aid diversity and as a net positive to the environment, providing food for microorganisms and plants as they break down.

Moving toward 2020
As a major part of our corporate strategy for the next few years, we will further reduce our effect on the environment. We fully expect to accomplish our goal of doubling the amount of raw material we recycle internally and reducing factory water consumption by 25 percent. Just as well, we are revamping our production processes to use recyclable and reusable materials. AFR is committed to producing a yearly sustainability report noting any efforts we have made during the year to meet our 2020 and 2025 visions.

Looking forward to 2025
In our vision for 2025, we aim toward becoming a carbon neutral firm and cementing our role as a responsible member of the industry. We will strive to transition much of our power usage to renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2025 and plan to use only environmentally safe and recycled building materials in future construction projects. We plan to strengthen our collaboration with local universities and charities to further social sustainability and support.